Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey, the IRS business is no big deal

The IRS investigating conservative groups was no big deal. They were only doing what they thought that the president wanted them to do.

Supreme Leader Obama

If you don't think that Supreme Leader Obama (President for Life) is planning on being president in 2017 and beyond, you have not been paying attention. This morning, I was also convinced that he thinks that he is the Anti-Christ. I don't know that I even believe in that sort of thing, but I think that he does. He likes to have total control of the message on the television and radio news. That is why I would be surprised if Hillary Clinton was behind the State Department talking points on Benghazi that refused to call the attack on the embassy "terrorism". I think that if Hillary was involved, she was just carrying water for the president. Who knows, but that is my sense of what is happening.