Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Former Naval Person Typepad" just got a big jump in traffic

I was interested to see that "Former Naval Person Typepad" had a big jump in traffic, starting yesterday. It may be a temporary spike, but it is back to where the original "Former Naval Person" blog was in June 2007. Too bad there is no advertising that would be comfortable with the blog (NSFW) and that I would also be comfortable with carrying. I have had enough of Triple-X advertising on a PG to R blog. There seems to be no middle ground, however, and I don't understand why. It seems that if Google would allow it, there are suitable advertisers available, but then Google does not allow it, so that is that.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Robert Gates seems to be carrying water for the administration

I am not that tightly locked into the issues, but Robert Gates seems more interested in cutting defense spending than funding what is needed. The GE F135 engine is a case in point. The present administration has little interest in defense spending, except as pork, and is constantly on the prowl, looking for programs to cut.

Friday, June 11, 2010

They ruined Google Chrome

The geniuses at Google ruined Google Chrome. I had started using Chrome as my everyday browser, but now that they made the bookmark manager just a tab, instead of a separate application, they ruined the usability. I want to be able to "organize bookmarks" and get the separate application. Now, everytime you select a bookmark, you go to it (the wrong thing to do) and lose the manager.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Apparently, the surprising news was true

Yes, the news that surprised me was true. I read it on an official website. The reason was the usual one: "tools". I have mixed feelings about all that, as the "tools" were both entertaining and informative. I listened to them all the time in the 1990's and had favorites. Still, a leader could make a lot of money selling "tools" and not necessarily make money from "the business". That was the problem. Our guy got bounced in 2007 over "tools".

I have wondered if there was a lot of wreckage in "the business" after 2001

We have been affiliated with "the business" for the last 18 years. We have been inactive since 2001, although I attended some meetings in Minneapolis in 2003-2004. I had suspected that there could have been continued fallout from some of what started to hit as early as 1998, when there was trouble about "tools" and people being involved in multiple businesses. I couldn't resist searching a few days ago, and was not surprised at what I found. Well, if some of it is true, then I am a bit surprised, as there was at least one couple that I would have guessed would not leave "the business" under any circumstances. That is, they always seemed "squeaky clean" and committed. Sorry, but I am being non-specific for a reason.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lotto programming

I have several posts at "My Back Pages" about my latest approach to generating combinations for the lottery. One thing that I want to mention is that we won most of our winnings from the last nine months using Gail Howard's wheels. The only game that they really worked well for was "Cash Five", but they worked pretty well. Everywhere I turn, people disparage Gail Howard's work, but I have found that I only started to win when I used her approach. I have moved on from there in the last four days, based on my work with "Pick 3" programming. I have read Isaac Nwokogba's book Ea$y Dollar$ and "Professor Jones's" book The Basics of Winning Lotto/Lottery. I combine the two approaches in my "Pick 3" program. The first uses "hot numbers" while the second uses "positional analysis". Hot numbers could be all you would need, but to win with pairs, you need to use positional analysis. I am now using hot numbers for "Cash Five" and "Lotto Texas".

Friday, June 4, 2010

My new approach

I did a quick implementation of my new approach to playing Cash Five last night. It uses "hot number" analysis and a full wheel. Once I have the wheeled combinations, I check to see if there are lines that have won more than others over the last 40 games. There are such lines and I take some number of those, ordered by descending frequency, and play those. It worked better than what I had been using.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Full wheels

I was pleasantly surprised that my recursive algorithm for generating unique combinations worked for 25 numbers. The algorithm produced 53010 combinations for 25 numbers. The algorithm produces "full wheels". I am currently using the algorithm for playing "Pick 3" with hot numbers. I also use "positional analysis". Between the two, we have won four times since a week-ago Monday.