Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lotto programming

I have several posts at "My Back Pages" about my latest approach to generating combinations for the lottery. One thing that I want to mention is that we won most of our winnings from the last nine months using Gail Howard's wheels. The only game that they really worked well for was "Cash Five", but they worked pretty well. Everywhere I turn, people disparage Gail Howard's work, but I have found that I only started to win when I used her approach. I have moved on from there in the last four days, based on my work with "Pick 3" programming. I have read Isaac Nwokogba's book Ea$y Dollar$ and "Professor Jones's" book The Basics of Winning Lotto/Lottery. I combine the two approaches in my "Pick 3" program. The first uses "hot numbers" while the second uses "positional analysis". Hot numbers could be all you would need, but to win with pairs, you need to use positional analysis. I am now using hot numbers for "Cash Five" and "Lotto Texas".

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