Friday, November 2, 2007

Some more Google censorship

"Joe's Dartblog" points out another instance of Google censorship, but this time it seems to be politically motivated. Maybe no one else wonders this, but I wonder how long Google can keep censoring and keep their business from shrinking. Almost all the traffic on "Former Naval Person" now comes from a Yahoo-related search. Almost none comes from Google (admittedly, a dubious achievement):

Yahoo 28.30%
Altavista 25.13%
Direct 16.26%
Google 5.70%
AllTheWeb 4.12%

The reason for this is the source of the traffic: all Emma Watson, all the time. Google is apparently suppressing Emma Watson fake racy pics in a big way. That is my explanation, anyway. Tell me if you disagree:

emma watson 52.89%
emma watson nude 8.43%
emma watson fake 7.93%
emma watson naked 5.12%

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