Monday, March 3, 2008


Robert Novak's column about Barack Obama and the indicted Tony Rezko is worth a read. Do you like conspiracy theories? This one is highly speculative. We know that Barack Obama has received undisclosed amounts of money from Tony Rezko, who is being pursued by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Apparently, Tony Rezko has been funding the Obamas since 1995. We now know that at least some of Tony Rezko's money was coming from the indicted Iraqi billionaire in London, who was thought to have been laundering money for Saddam Hussein. This part is really crazy: suppose that Barack Obama is a mole hiding in deep cover. In this scenario, he surfaces after being inaugurated. He has a Sturm Abteilung in Louis Farrakhan's organization. Who knows what might happen, at that point? How is that for a wild and crazy conspiracy theory? As I say, it is based on a small bit of known fact and a lot of wild speculation, without any evidence. Let us hope that there is no basis to it, because Barack Obama is the likely next president. In any case, I doubt that it is true, or at least I certainly hope that it is not, as I said. By the way, even Hillary seems to agree with this sort of thing, at least to a small degree.

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