Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, that is what I thought it was all about

The Obsession video on DVD has harsh things to say about Radical Islam: "it portrays radical Islam as a ... force bent on world domination". Gosh, that is what I thought that Radical Islam's goales were. I removed "demonic" as it is not part of what I think about them. Just because someone is a Muslim or from a Muslim country doesn't mean that they believe any of that, but the Mullahs in Iran and the El Qaeda crowd certainly are bent on world domination. They want to convert everyone at "sword point" and would kill or at least enslave those who would resist. Those were the original marching orders from 1300 or 1400 years ago. They are a fraction of the population, but are too many. They are akin to the Egyptian cab driver in the Dallas area who shot his two teenage daughters to death and probably fled the country because they were too westernized for his liking (their mother was an "Anglo" Texan).

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