Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama and "Health Care Reform"

I can't figure out President Obama and his approach to health care reform. People voted for him thinking that he meant to give middle-class health insurance to the uninsured and let the rest of us who have health insurance keep what we have. We might have been excused if we thought that he also meant to limit the ways that health insurance treated us below the standard we expected. But now, President Obama's team of health care geniuses assumes that they cannot afford to give everyone good health insurance. Instead, while everyone would be covered, we would all be covered in such a way as to get worse coverage than we already have. Besides that, the government would reduce costs by not paying what it costs to provide health care, but to pay doctors and hospitals something less than that. That will help to reduce the numbers of doctors and hospitals and would further reduce the quality of health care. The present problems are at least partly due to the reductions in what Medicare and Medicaid will pay. They pay less than cost and force the rest of us to pay more.

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