Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11th

We sit now on September 11, 2009, eight years after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. I heard someone point out that President Obama has dismantled many of our anti-terrorism efforts since he took office. How long before we see another attack? I still vividly remember the day. I was working in a western suburb of Minneapolis. I first heard that there was something happening while I was stopped in traffic on the highway. I was listening to Bob Edwards on NPR, back in the days when NPR was leftist but you could stand to listen to them (unlike now). Bob told us that there was report of a twin-engined aircraft hitting one tower of the World Trade Center. Could it have been a small aircraft? We finally heard it was an airliner, which seemed strange. At work, someone had radio on, and we heard of the other tower being hit, and then in rapid succession, the attack on the Pentagon and the plane in Pennsylvania. We all knew that this was a terrorist attack. We were sent home at about 11am and didn't know if we would work the next day or not. We saw, on the CNN website, the video clips of the planes hitting the towers and then people running down the streets when the towers fell, with a cloud of dust behind them. Now, eight years later, we sit here with a buddy of Hugo Chavez as our president. I guess that we have officially forgotten 9/11.

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