Sunday, September 30, 2007

Carol Anne Gotbaum

The story about Carol Anne Gotbaum is very nasty. She was irate and unruly at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, so she was arrested and handcuffed, because she was struggling. While in a hold cell, she died while trying to free herself from the handcuffs. She was apparently a "progressive" who felt entitled and was determined that she did not have to follow the rules.

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Maxxi said...

I have to ask - what did you serve 11 year in the service defending exactly? Obviously it was not the First Amendment - this woman did no harm to anyone ; her "crime" was in what she "said" - so, freedom of speech is out -
Then there's the Fourth Amendment- which you surrender upon entering an airport- searched, stripped, fondled, suspected - all without "probable cause" - which is , basically the lynch-pin of Freedom iteslf - So, did you put your life on the line for 11 years to protect the rights of the corporation to be arrogant, self-serving, pension stealing, assholes -
Have you been to an airport lately?
It's surreal - these airlines think they are somehow "sanctified" ; that no CUSTOMER has the right to say ANYTHING to them - while they ask you stupid shit like, " Did you pack your bag" , " Do you have any WATER on you or in your luggage" -
I had some idiot THROW ONE OUNCE of rubbing alcohol across the counter ionto the trash as if I was going to sabotage the plane with it - I use it for after shave -
The bitch said NOTHING - just zipped me back up and waved me away like a frigging bug.
Supporting this kind of shit helps who exactly, Sir ?
Max Garrett
Nashville, TN