Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"How's the Google War going"

The answer to the question about how the war with Google is going is that we are in retreat. I don't understand the reason behind what is happening, but routinely at 2am CDT (Midnight PDT), traffic drops off. I spend the day doing things to build it up, except that every day the peaks are lower. The high water mark of my last offensive in the undeclared war was on September 13, when Former Naval Person hit 2437 vistors on Sitemeter. Page views were 3430 for that day. I am doing the same thing that I have been doing, but Google keeps evolving. One phenomenon that I have observed is that there are more spam web sites and blogs that I have previously noticed. I am trying not to be one, but still using Google Trends to pic topics for blog posts. I have also seen someone put up common search terms in their blog. I am not sure what effect that has, but it has a spam flavor to it. The pure spammers just list hot terms and hope for traffic that might click on their advertising.

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