Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The "Polygamists"

Make take is that the situation with the so-called polygamist compound in Texas is less about polygamy and more about fifty-year old guys who figured out a way to have harems of 14-year old girls. Of course, when they turned 18, they didn't necessarily discard them. If this was just about "polygamy", I would be more sympathetic, but this is something else. They are about like the Muslim guys in Dearborn, Michigan, who have their small harems of15-year old girls that the local authorities ignore. The problem is that the authorities are trying to be so non-judgmental that they ignore sexual abuse of young girls. The guys in Texas have these large harems of girls and are busy having sex with them, making babies, as fast as they can, up to their capacity to "do it". They all deserve to be "taken out", and as soon as possible. It is all done under the cover of "religion", of course.

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