Friday, April 18, 2008

The "Yearning for Zion" cult

I have to call the organization that calls itself "Yearning for Zion" a cult. Tell me I am wrong about it. Certainly, it is a cult derived from the more orthodox Church of Latterday Saints, but they are radically different in some essential ways. They also have brainwashed everyone or else forced them to comply, at least. I keep hearing new goodies about these people. Not only were young girls taken by force as soon as they had matured enough to get pregnant, but they also played around with "wife-swapping", if you want to call the females "wives". They were more like sex slaves in a baby factory. They have found girls under the age of 18 who are pregnant. There are some girls or women there who bore children as young as the age of 13. The questions I have are: (1) why didn't the local authorities act? They have known for a long time what was happening there. It took the state of Texas to shut them down. (2) Who paid to build the facility and how is the continued operation financed? I feel rather sorry for mothers separated from their children, but it is unavoidable. The mothers are victims as much as the children are.

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