Monday, April 14, 2014

Dallas-centric stuff

Many people in Dallas hate John Wiley Price. He is the gadfly, black, Democratic Dallas County Commissioner. And yes, he is probably a crook. Obama's justice department has been harassing John Wiley Price for three years. They only want to neutralize him, not to indict him (seemingly). John Wiley Price and some Hispanic Democrat women judges are the only ones in the city of Dallas and Dallas County that are willing to stand up to the white, millionaire Democrats, mostly trial lawyers, who run the city of Dallas and Dallas County now. Their strategy is to gentrify as much as they can to drive out the poor people of color. One of the first things that they had Mayor Mike Rawlings do is to get the Black homeless of the streets of Dallas. If the rich, while millionaire Democrats don't "own you", you will have a hard time getting elected in Dallas. If they do own you, you will be floating in money. John Wiley Price really is "our man downtown", because he is one of the few independent voices left. Even Domingo Garcia is out there begging Lisa Blue to pick him up and he will do whatever she wants. That is the world we live in, whether you like it or not.

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