Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We seem to be in a bad spot

I joke about this, but I think that President Obama plans to stay in power after 2016. I call him "Supreme Leader Obama, President for Life" only half-jokingly. After another decade or so of his rule, we will be almost as good as Venezuela. I am an odd sort, as I am not a Communist and am not a right-wing extremist. My parents were both Rockefeller Republicans. I am the sort that both the Communists and right-wing extremists want to stomp out. I am perfectly happy to keep living under the "benign" rule of Supreme Leader Obama. I don't want to see a fight. My concern is that when President Obama stays in power, that will provoke a fight. The one really wild card out there is the Yellowstone volcano. I expect that it will blow sometime relatively soon and everything will be devastated.

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