Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Second Amendment rights

From what Marc Danziger says on Facebook, the Supreme Court doesn't agree that the Second Amendment doesn't provide a constitutionally guaranteed right to own a gun. So, at some point, is Supreme Leader Obama (President for Life) going to bring in 20 or 30,000 mercenaries from the Central African Republic and the Congo, give them Viagra, AK-47's, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. They would be sent door to door to collect all the guns and do whatever else they would like. Actually, they would need a much larger force to do the job. Even attempting to confiscate guns would mean a civil war. I know too many guys in Texas with AR-15's or AK-47's and ten or fifteen thousand rounds buried in the back yard. I am sure that there are a lot more in other states, as well. Obama would need the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Mexican drug cartels, and the big city street gangs to even think about confiscating guns.

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