Wednesday, February 13, 2008

AT&T on the move

We got knock on door early last night. A man and a woman were canvassing door-to-door for AT&T. The most interesting thing that they offered was fiber optic internet connection with up to 10 mBit service for $30 a month. Supposedly, it would never go up in price. My service provider, who has a fixed wireless system is vulnerable, I am sure, but Time-Warner would seem to be the big target. They went through in the last year or two and did a similar door-to-door canvas. AT&T is offering an AT&T-branded version of Dish Network, along with the fiber optic internet connection. Time Warner cable is higher than the sort of numbers that were casually tossed out to me, so I imagine that they will lose customers. I am not switching. My wife keeps the AT&T wireline service, but that is all we have. We have our own Dish Network arrangement that we have had for about ten years, gradually upgrading along the way. We are going with the very high speed version of the fixed wireless internet connection, upgrading on Friday with the required radio. I can't see using AT&T-filtered and logged internet when I get internet without AT&T intrusion.

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