Friday, February 15, 2008

Technical problems?

I have an idea that we would learn a lot if we could understand what is happening with traffic to "Former Naval Person" blog (very NSFW). The blog is hosted with Blogger, a Google subsidiary, as is this blog. The pictures shown most recently are also hosted with a Google facility associated with Blogger. We have reason to believe that Google has blocked traffic to "Former Naval Person" starting late in July 2007. Very occasionally, the block slips and traffic jumps up to as much as 1,100. With the block in, most traffic comes from Yahoo-related search engines. A substantial amount of traffic cannot be tracked by SiteMeter and IndexTools, because they see the browser involved as having Javascript disabled. That is sufficient to hide any information about the visitor, except IP address. The Google ban seems to be related to the nature of the content. For the last year, about, the main topic has been Emma Watson fake racy pics. I believe that not are hardcore, just erotic with nakedness. That killed off using Google AdSense, as they frown on that sort of thing. The main issue would seem to be that Emma is as young as she is (a teenager). Google has also been known to squash female celebrity pics, perhaps when requested. But who knows what the real reason is in this case?

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