Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Former Naval Person (my original blog) is practically "flat-lining"

I am not sure of the cause, for sure, but my original current events commentary blog, which morphed into a racy pictures blog, is practically flat-lining on traffic. My recent startup on TypePad is doing better today. The whole business is crazy, but it is illustrative of the power of censorship by search engines. Up until July 2007, Former Naval Person had days above 3,000 visits. Starting in July, Blogger (owned by Google) put robots.txt files on some blogs that keep Google from indexing the blogs. The nasty feature is that the proprietor of the blog can't change the robots.txt file. I was slow to pick up on what was happening. I could see the results, but didn't know the cause. I finally was able to check, using the Google Webmaster tools, and found the problem. At that point, I started up the TypePad version of Former Naval Person blog. I checked with TypePad to see if they had a problem with what I was doing and then got started.

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