Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kodak M863, my latest acquisition

I received a box of old pictures from my Mother's house. I didn't want to beat them up by scanning them, so I purchased a Kodak M863, which has a 8.2M pixel resolution. I tried the camera in Office Max, and found that with strong light, I could get good results at will, even quick point and click. One difficulty is that I don't have good light at home. I went to the best room to try my luck, and had some problems with flash and glare. Still, using the "Digital Image Stabilization", I got better results. I often had to keep moving the center of the photo area and took more pictures until I got acceptable results, at least based on the display. I also have an HP R717 that is 6.2M pixels resolution. Compared to the new Kodak, the HP now seems clunky. Partly, that is because the HP was a 2006 purchase, and things keep getting better.

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