Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Barack Obama thoughts

Barack Obama is the sort of "rock star" personage that Martin Luther King, Jr. had become. Martin Luther King, Jr., we find, had all these lefty white women throwing themselves at him, and being a normal man, he was weak enough to partake of some of their favors. We came imagine that Barack Obama is seeing some of the same sort of thing. He is the great hope (not white) of the left. He is their best chance to have a radical left president in our time. Jimmy Carter comes close to him, but did not have the rock star aura that Obama has. I believe that it was the National Enguirer that had the headline a few weeks ago about the Obama marriage erupting over Barack's infidelities. There may not be anything to it, and the Clinton camp probably will not want to use what they have for fear of alienating lefty voters, but if it is real, it will eventually be exposed.

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