Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two topics

Right now, there are two topics that have my intense interest. One is the ongoing flap over the polygamous cult in Texas. The other is the balloon in the price of oil and gasoline.

As for the first, I heard on KRLD radio this afternoon that apparently, there are more children being hidden at the compound. I assume that they have some problem like pregnant 12 year old girls or the like. What amazed me is that armed guards at the compound turned away the child protective services people and would not let them on the compound. If I did that I would either be arrested or dead. What's the deal?

As for oil, I really expect that as soon as a few days from now, we could be at $150 per barrel and very soon after at $5 per gallon gasoline. We could be quickly at $200 or $250 per barrel oil and $10 per gallon gasoline. How long can Congress keep us from drill for oil offshore, where we know it exists and how long can they keep us from getting oil from the oil sands in Canada and the Upper Mid West? Alaska is not really an issue, as it would take too long to get oil from there. If they won't give in, a clever opponent in this election could beat them with this issue. Of course, the Republicans are incompetent goof balls, just like the Democrats, so we are in deep trouble in the near term. Let us hope that I am wrong!

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