Friday, May 30, 2008

The Navy is really on the wrong track

I read and article today that I can't find right now, but it said that Congress has lost faith in the current navy leadership. The issues are a combination of policy and lack of forthrightness in budgeting. The real issue is the mismanagement of all aspects of defense policy and procurement. I am a Republican and am center-right, politically, but I really dislike what I have seen in recent weeks. I am a consultant and can read a company portal that continually has good defense-related articles from the defense websites. I have questions for some time the idea that building the stealth destroyers for billions of dollars each is a good idea. Why stealth destroyers? What is needed, instead, are good, seaworthy ship with advanced electronics and weapons. We don't need to hide ships from our Islamic enemies, especially Al Qaeda and the Iranians. YOu could argue that the Russians are now enemies and the Chinese are a threat, but that still does not justify building ships that cost too much and can't be produced in the needed numbers. There are a range of issues that concern me about the navy, from the building program to aircraft acquisitions. One good feature of a radical change in administration is that there are Democrats who believe in a strong defense and who have good ideas.

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