Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More weird stuff on the web: Blogger at work?

When traffic for the original Former Naval Person blog dropped off this morning, I wondered if Yahoo search had done something. I checked the IndexTools referalls, and Yahoo still predominates, followed by AltaVista. So what gives? I theorize that Blogger is "doing something". After all, they are responsible for putting a robots.txt on the blog to keep Google Image search from indexing it. Regular Google seems to not have the same restrictions, because the TypePad version of Former Naval Person, with similar content, is growing in traffic. You tell me what is happening, because I don't have clue (I bet you guessed that). IndexTools shows that almost all the traffic is from some form of Google search, so that is an indication that Blogger is doing bad stuff. I like Blogger and depend on it, but I don't like what they have been doing to FNP.

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