Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The wild west is gone

There was something fresh and exciting about the Internet in 1997 and 1998. It lasted for a bit beyond that, starting with the DMCA, the Bush administration, and September 11th, things have gone downhill. There are still some good things happening, but we are at the mercy of the government, the RIAA, and the motion picture industry. We no longer can get uncensored internet search. Instead, we are in a tightly controlled sandbox. While there is a market for an uncensored search, the government would never allow it to exist. Google is the worst offender. Yahoo has not buckled under quite as far as Google. Google is desperate to keep the government happy, so that it will not curtail their business. How will this be fixed? I doubt that electing either Barack Obama or Hillary will change anything. The politics are so incendiary that no one can touch the issue. It seems like our Southern Baptist friends, along with their leftist feminist allies are riding roughshod over rights, claiming that we need to suspend the constitution to achieve their righteous goals.

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