Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google Analytics by date

I received a reply from Google Analytics support that explained how to set the date range for a report. I did not want to see "from the beginning of time" until yesterday for reports. I wanted to see what was happening for the last week. The trick is the date range in the upper right corner is "clickable". I reset that to the last week and saw what I wanted to know about where the "Former Naval Person" referrals were coming from:

Sources Visits % visits
yahoo (organic) 323 25.27%
altavista (organic) 290 22.69%
(direct) ((none)) 187 14.63%
images.google.com (referral) 103 8.06%
google (organic) 89 6.96%

The reason is the Google will help with Emma Watson fake racy picture searches. Yahoo and Altavista have no compunctions with Emma Watson fakes, so they now predominate the referral percentages. The others are still significant, but go in descending order from Alltheweb.

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