Monday, October 8, 2007

There could be technical problems with SiteMeter and Blogger

We are on the "receiving end" of SiteMeter and Blogger (or Blogspot), so we don't have a great deal of insight as to what they are doing. I was concerned that when I went to SiteMeter from this blog that it was slow to access. When I tried to look at details, there was a failure. I have been trying to understand what is happening with traffic to my blogs over the last few months. We are essentially doing the same sort of thing but have been getting variable results. My higher traffic (NSFW) blog "Former Naval Person" has been very variable. The peak was over 4,200 visits earlier in the year. Routinely, we were seeing above 2,000. Most of the traffic was coming from "Emma Watson" and the fake pictures of her. I have assumed that in July, Google North American started to censor image search results. The traffic was coming mostly from Google Image Search in North America and the UK. The other European countries seem not to be censoring this search. Since July, we have been diversifying content and promoting Altavista, Yahoo Image Search, and AllTheWeb, as they seem to be able to find "Emma Watson". Inexplicably, we occasionally see "Emma Watson" searches from North America and the UK. We would have expected Google to be consistent, so these deviations are confusing, although they are welcome.

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