Saturday, October 20, 2007

A huge disconnect between SiteMeter and IndexTools

Google Analytics is so bizarre that I don't pay much attention to the traffic numbers. I only look at SiteMeter and IndexTools. For several months, there has been a large disconnect between the two services. Right now, SiteMeter has visit numbers that are less than half of the IndexTools visits. Their page view numbers are exactly half the IndexTools page views. I cannot even see the current day numbers for Google Analytics, I can only see yesterday's numbers. Google Analytics has always given such strange traffic figures that I stopped taking time to read them. SiteMeter still has the advantage that I can see the real time search terms, although only for the premium edition.

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Anonymous said...

This is no answer, BUT :-) you might find the following study (by Eric Enge) useful:

2007 Web Analytics Shootout(IndexTools, Visual Sciences, Unica, GA and more...)

Which compares the following tools:

- Clicktracks
- Google Analytics
- IndexTools
- Unica Affinium NetInsight
- Visual Sciences' HBX Analytics
- Omniture SiteCatalyst
- WebTrends

On traffic numbers.


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