Friday, October 26, 2007

SiteMeter Premium

SiteMeter Premium gives me about as much information as you could want about vistors. When I look at "Recent Visitors" "By Search Words", I can the last 20 without doing anything. I can then look at previous visitors, back for up to 4,000 visitors. Even where there are no "Search Words" or "Referring Web Site" listed, by clicking the "Detail" number link, I can see "everything". The last one was blank, but the detail showed that it was "Emma Watson". Right now, almost all traffic is "Emma Watson"-related and NONE of it is from Google Image Search in North America. Right now, most is from Yahoo Image Search. Since July 2007, Google North America has been censoring Emma Watson from image searches. When for a few brief periods they stopped, by traffic ballooned back up to previous levels. Right now, they are blocking that sort of search for racy Emma Watson "fake" pictures.

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