Thursday, October 11, 2007

I keep seeing signs of technical problems, perhaps with Blogger

When I look at a bar graph of traffic in a day and I see one or more isolated hours where traffic is very low, with traffic on either side being much higher, I suspect a Blogger outage. This is early in the morning, so traffic is usually lower, although today is very low. Blogger is certainly a great free service from Google, but I often think that "you get what you pay for". You can't see the IndexTools reports and graphs, but the SiteMeter reports and graphs for this blog and "Former Naval Person" (very NSFW, but much higher traffic) are open for viewing. For 3 or 4 months, there has been a discrepancy between IndexTools and SiteMeter. After a major SiteMeter outage, I switched to using IndexTools for tracking traffic. I use SiteMeter for a check, and for the premium SiteMeter service, I can see real time search terms. That has been very useful for understanding what is driving traffic and allows me to reinforce content that meets search criteria.

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