Friday, October 5, 2007

Some odd results from Google Analytics

I am not saying that Google Analytics is producing odd results, although I often suspect that is the case. What I am saying is that when the "Former Naval Person" blog gets more traffic from Yahoo search than from Google, that is strange. Even stranger is that traffic from Altavista is almost as large as from Google. Google Analytics does not seem to count Google Image Search as a "search engine" and that seems very odd. A high percentage (65.57%) of traffic comes from Google Image Search from North America. Google Image Search from other countries, with the UK being the next largest, accounts for a good deal of traffic, as well. We do know from SiteMeter and IndexTools that the most prominent search term, "Emma Watson", is being minimized by Google North America, while they let those searches from through from Google Image Search in the other European countries.

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